Chile dating etiquette Russian teens for dating

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Penalties for possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs in Chile are severe and can involve lengthy imprisonment.

Chilean Spanish differs from other South American dialects and could take some getting used to, even if you’re a confident Spanish-speaker.

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So to call a Sydney landline, you would dial 61 2 then the phone number.

There are also flights available through Melbourne or Brisbane stopping over in Auckland that can take up to 29 hours.

Australian passport holders will be required to pay a US7 “reciprocity fee” upon entry to Chile – it will speed things up to obtain the correct amount in US dollars before arrival in Santiago.

The easiest way to get to town is to take a bus – Buses Centropuerto and Turbus both operate services that depart from outside the arrivals hall and take approximately 40 minute to get to town.

If you do want to get a taxi, ignore the sometimes aggressive touts waiting beyond the baggage claim. Book a fixed-rate taxi at a counter within the baggage claim area instead, and get them to write out the fare for you.

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