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At times I feel pathetic.'I was trying to convince myself that it was OK and I took it out on other people. I'm a fun person and I just didn't recognize myself.'She had blamed the stress on her weight gain, saying she had 'lost 25 pounds' since the break-up, smiling: 'Fifteen more to go.''I've got to tell you, at the start of the season, I didn't want to film,' she admitted.

'I was like, ''Oh my God, everyone's going to see how I've let myself go.'' So you feel crappy about yourself.'She apologized to women who are bigger than her who felt she was making too big a deal of her weight, but insisted: 'For me personally this was just a huge change.'Kelly Dodd was shown clips from the season that included her opening up about fears for her marriage to husband Michael, which also ended officially after filming finished.'It's sad because I've lived with Michael most of my whole life,' she said. We have a kid together and it's hard to see it go.'She admitted she was 'completely' separated, saying: 'I have my own place.''He started just fighting all the time, both of us.

Tamra Judge accused Shannon of 'overreacting' but Shannon found inconsistencies in Peggy's story.'Once again confusing Peggy isn't giving us a clear answer,' raged Shannon, 53, who was on the brink of separation from her husband David.'Are you OK?Lydia also admitted that they saved some sperm before husband Doug's vasectomy, joking that 'a little baby Judy' would be cute.'But I'm overwhelmed with three children, I feel like we're at capacity,' she admitted.The second and final part of the RHOC reunion that will conclude season 12 will air next Monday on Bravo.', asked Peggy sarcastically as Shannon flew into a rage.'You've given me that line one too many times girlfriend, the question is are you OK?Because you can't keep a story straight,' Shannon fired back.'You're a f***ing lunatic,' yelled Shannon, who now lives separately from David.'Someone needs to have the balls to tell her she's a f***ing loony bin…she lied,' Shannon squawked.

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