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Each night, Teens age 14 – 19 spend time playing games, having snacks, learning life skills and have fun with leaders from Mc Master University and area churches.

They also take part in a variety of sports and crafts.

Volunteers watch the adorable babies and toddlers so mom can have a much needed break.

It is a great time of fellowship and the gospel message is presented each week.

Back to top A time for young adults to get together for a coffee and a chat about what’s going on in their lives.

Many young adults feel trapped in a dark and dreary life. Back to top Junior Boys is a club for ages 7 to 13.

Back to top Teen Zone is an amazing night of pool, foozball, air hockey, movies, chill time, video games and more.

We also reserve time for “The Gathering” where we all have a meal together discussing their day, issues and concerns.

They are also treated to parties, make overs and cooking classes. A 20-something year old, independent lady trying to be a responsible adult.It was then when I realized how little I knew about life and money and I was determined to learn more.On my blog, you will find tips, advice and resources for Ambitious Adults.I love blogging about personal finance and travel and also love featuring other ambitious adult on my blog.

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