Dating ibanez serial number

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D What you have is probably not a standard issue, but one of those made after people guitars...I think your dads' guitar is a MTM2 (Mic K Thompson from Slipknot). Please post me a picture of it and then I will be able to totally find out what it is, not just narrow it down.: D Mich Thompson is a rather new style guitar with bar EMG pickups... Also, the Mick Thompson has a giant "Seven" plastered across the neck. And to top it all off, the Mick Thompson's head is very different as well.The Apex series of guitar is 7 string, so obviously not my guitar. But now for some pictures : It does look a bit moody, is that the original colour? The serial number, being the stick on kind, does look to be in better condition than the rest of the guitar, by my reckoning it should look a bit shabbier.These guitars were made either in Korea, Indonesia,or Japan. 410, 610), Thousand Series, XL Series, ZX Series, Aerostar Series, Showster Series, and Ferrington Series.Furthermore, the Gorky Park special editionmodel is also an overseas made guitar."3" indicates 1993, or a"93" would indicate the same).

The pattern is as follows: YDDDYPPP YY is the production year DDD is the day of the year PPP is the plant designation and/or instrument rank.

around..80 does seem to suggest the year..that was an F but it clearly isn't.

Wikipedia (of all places :roll: ) says that there were Korean Ibanez made in the Peerless factory, but can't figure the dates. The pickup arrangement is different, although the P does stand for the Peerless factory in Korea.

b12345) The only exceptionto this would be some of the "E" and "F" series neckplates did have one letter followed by fiveletters (e.g. XL-1234) 5) A chrome or black neck plate with nothing on it but a Kramer headstockand a serial number stamped on them.

These neck plates are smooth flat neck plateswith no "Neptune, N. Keep in mind that just because the neckplate is imprinted with "Kramer, Neptune, NJ" does NOT mean that the guitar was Made in the USA or an "American" series.

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