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Mild dental fluorosis is found in about 16% of children.

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Musto explains that removing fluoride doesn’t lead to overall decreases in oral health in places where other interventions to increase dental health are in place and awareness of dental health measures are high.“It benefits everybody who drinks the water, regardless if they have access to dental care or a healthy diet,” explains Musto.Those who oppose the addition of fluoride in water argue that the impact of fluoride on cavities is not as great as it once was. Yet, in the past five years, dozens of Canadian communities have stopped adding fluoride to the municipal water supply, including Calgary, Waterloo, Windsor and Saint John.The federal agency hasn’t updated this number since then, according to spokesperson Sean Upton, but one anti-fluoride group claims that in 2015, only around 30% of Canadians are exposed to fluoridated water.

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