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Hint: You can use Google image search (use "Safe search" to be sure to filter out explicit images) to great advantage - Click the link below and type in your book title and chapter, being sure to put them in quotation marks. You will retrieve an assortment of pictures in terms of quality but this should allow you to select suitable material for teaching, preaching or general illustration.GEORGE BUSH NOTES ON GENESIS Bush, George (biography).I do not wonder that Adam Clarke still stands, notwithstanding his peculiarities, a prince among commentators. 4: Commenting and Commentaries; Lectures Addressed to the students of the Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle) ROBERT S CANDLISH THE BOOK OF GENESIS A SERIES OF DISCOURSES Cyril Barber - First published in 1868. 4: Commenting and Commentaries; Lectures Addressed to the students of the Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle) FRANZ DELITZSCH A New Commentary on Genesis 1889 This is a different resource than Keil & Delitzsch below Cyril Barber - Adopts a moderate approach to the critical theories of authorship.I do not find him so helpful as Gill, but still, from his side of the question, with which I have personally no sympathy, he is an important writer, and deserves to be studied by every reader of the Scriptures. Gill, “He was a very learned and good man, but has often lost sight of his better judgment in spiritualizing the text;” this is the very verdict which we pass upon himself, only altering the last sentence a word or two; “He has often lost sight of his better judgment in following learned singularities;” the monkey, instead of the serpent, tempting Eve, is a notable instance." (Spurgeon, C. Candlish highlights the doctrinal issues as well as the biographical features contained in this portion of God's Word. It is to some extent a compilation and condensation of other men’s thoughts, but it is sufficiently original to claim a place in every minister’s library; indeed it contains so great a variety of information that if a man had no other exposition he would find himself at no great loss if he possessed this and used it diligently" (Spurgeon, C. Provides an excellent treatment of the period from Abraham to Joseph. James Rosscup writes that "The author holds to the Documentary Hypothesis but does not deny the uniqueness of Genesis or minimize the significance and authority of its message.Clarke did affirm the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, but held a belief of "plenary dynamic inspiration" (idea of every thought inspired), thus falling short of "plenary verbal inspiration" (every single word inspired) (Bib. In summary, a useful, respected commentary but as with all extra-Biblical resources you are advised to "Be a Berean!" Acts C H Spurgeon adds that "Adam Clarke is the great annotator of our Wesleyan friends; and they have no reason to be ashamed of him, for he takes rank among the chief of expositors.He did not always interpret Scripture literally and so was amillennial (to quote Clarke on 1000 years - "I am satisfied that this period should not be taken literally" [see comment on Rev 20:4] - he interpreted Revelation as a Historicist) which led him to interpret the church as fulfilling many OT promises to Israel.

The life of Joseph is a study on handling extreme situations.

(Not dependent on Genesis Part 1.) 10 weeks, 10 lessons Learn principles and truths from the life of Abraham that will challenge you in your walk, and give you hope in your future.

In the life of Abraham, we see God's choosing and the further unfolding of His redemptive plan.

We learn more about God's character and His relationship with us in Abraham's example.

Learn how man becomes righteous, how God keeps His promises, and how God protects those who are His.

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