Playstation 2 dating sim games

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Inferior to the classic sequel, more on which appears below. or Silk Worm Is Vertical, as it was dubbed at the time.The unofficial follow-up to the classic Silkworm (appearing below) combined great gameplay with technical excellence.The votes are in, the sums have been done, and finally, after much blood, sweat and broken calculators we can bring you the results of the first Amiga Report Top 100 (hereafter known as the AR100).

And a couple of wags voted for Myst - obviously in crystal ball mode, and there were more than a couple for Doom and Quake. Most votes, however, were quite clear about which title in a series they were nominating.

A subgame involved "interrogating" a suspect, using various dubious methods of torture to get your information.

Amnesty appealed to Mirrorsoft's owner, the late "Capt'n Bob" Robert Maxwell, who intervened and removed the scenes by proxy.

Fast(ish) filled vector graphics and plenty of ways to tinker with your car made up for the fact you were really only roaring around the same track for infinity.

#90 DUNE (Virgin/Westwood Studios) - 63 points Westwood, better known for the Eye of the Beholder series, took on the challenge of converting the cult book and film into a computer game.

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