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With a newfound philosophy of “VET VET VET,” I had fewer but way better matches. They’re so communicative with each other and with me. We slept together that first night, and I’ve been seeing them ever since.Prospective unicorns, take your time finding hot couples. It’s the most loving and honest relationship I’ve ever been in, even if I’m still struggling for words to describe it. We’re not poly—I’m the only side girl they see, although that’s just their practice and not a rule.

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What surprised me about this whole experience is how it isn’t just about sex, after all. We go to art museums and talk about how much we love Agnes Martin. And he did, and they’re engaged, and I could not be happier for them.

They have each other; they fit into each other’s big plans.

I mostly fit into their weekend plans, and I’m fine with that.

(Couples in the know keep an eye out for that little emoji, which tells them that this woman is game for threesome sex). We, however, didn’t make it past two rounds before acknowledging that there might be something special here.

Maybe because there are way more users on Tinder, maybe because it’s easier to vet those who know your Facebook friends or friends-of-friends, or maybe because Tinder is less anonymous so people are on better behavior (it’s harder to be an asshole when your name and Facebook pictures are attached to your profile)—who knows, but the quality of people I met was so much higher. They’re both gorgeous, witty, big-hearted, and kind.

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