Carbon dating used

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Diamond, the third naturally occurring form of carbon, is one of the hardest substances known.Although naturally occurring diamond is typically used for jewelry, most commercial quality diamonds are artificially produced. Methane, Propane, and many other fuels are hydrocarbons. When iron is alloyed with carbon, hard steel is formed. A whole type of Chemistry, organic chemistry, is about carbon and its compounds. Hydrocarbons are molecules with carbon and hydrogen.Because of the amounts of carbon living things have, all organic things are considered "carbon-based".Each carbon atom can form four single covalent bonds.All artificially produced graphite is of the alpha type.In addition to its use as a lubricant, graphite, in a form known as coke, is used in large amounts in the production of steel.

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It is a transparent material that can split a single beam of light into two beams, a property known as birefringence. Large molecules consisting only of carbon, known as buckminsterfullerenes, or buckyballs, have recently been discovered and are currently the subject of much scientific interest.These small diamonds are made by squeezing graphite under high temperatures and pressures for several days or weeks and are primarily used to make things like diamond tipped saw blades.Although they posses very different physical properties, graphite and diamond differ only in their crystal structure.Naturally occurring graphite occurs in two forms, alpha and beta.These two forms have identical physical properties but different crystal structures.

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