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A Lib Dem administration with the Conservatives then ran the Council until it was split into unitary authorities.

Owing to the reorganisation of the council under the Local Government Act 1972, the coat of arms for Berkshire County Council is different before and after 1974.

It served to provide a strategic county-wide framework within which the differing plans of its six district councils could be harmonised.

As with many County Councils, the Local Government Act 1972 changed the structure of the council, and a large area around Abingdon and the Vale of the White Horse became part of Oxfordshire while Slough, which had been within Buckinghamshire, became part of Berkshire.

There can be little doubt from reading the debates in Hansard that many advocates of elected County Councils thought they would bring about a new heaven and a new earth, and it is also clear that many others regarded the new County Councils as local parliaments.

Both schools of thought were in time to be disillusioned.

William George Mount (Chairman of the preceding Court of Quarter Sessions 1887-1889) 1889-1905 Conservative Albert Richard Tull 1905-1906 William Hew Dunn 1906-1911 Sir Robert Gray Cornish Mowbray 1911-1916 James Herbert Benyon 1916-1926 Sir William Arthur Mount 1926-1930 Thomas Skurray 1931-1938 - Known by the famous poem: Alderman Arthur Thomas Loyd OBE 1938-1944 Conservative Sir George Robert Mowbray 1944-1946 Henry Arthur Benyon 1946-1947 Herbert James Thomas 1947-1954 William John Cumber CBE 1954-1957 Colonel Granville Watson CMG OBE 1957-1960 Sir George Robert Mowbray (As above) 1960-1965 Air Commodore Sir Louis Walter Dickens (Instituted 3 year Chairmanships)1965-1968 Derrick Aylmer Frederick Henry Howard Hartley Russell OBE 1968-1971 Richard Henry Carilef Seymour 1971-19s led to the restoration of county boroughs under a new name, unitary authorities which radically changed the administrative map of England.

Elections were held to Berkshire County Council every 3 years, with chairmen being selected in the second year of each term (in all years after 1965).

Berkshire County Council sat originally in the Crown Court of the Assize Court in Reading (a practice that was followed in Pembrokeshire as recently as 1938) In 1903 they moved briefly to Nisi Prius Court, before finding a more permanent residence in 1911 at Shire Hall in Reading.

Following the Local Government Act 1972, the council found a need to move to bigger premises at Shire Hall in Shinfield Park in the winter of 1980/1981, Berkshire County Council had both a council leader and the mostly ceremonial role of chairman (no women are known to have been chair during the council’s existence).

Berkshire County Council shared power with six lower-tier district councils, each of which directed local matters.

On 1 April 1998, under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1992, it was abolished and replaced by its six former districts, the unitary authorities of West Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, Wokingham, Bracknell Forest, Reading and Slough.

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