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Millions of Deities and decorative images were defaced, broken or destroyed, and many thousands of temples completely razed to the ground.

This is why it is so difficult to find really ancient temples built and decorated in Vedic style.

For people who have been heavily brainwashed by abrahamic system of schooling, biased media and deliberate social pressure, it is extremely difficult to actually understand Nature, because the deeply ingrained abrahamic prejudices seep into the subconscious mind, become the general and only existing norm, and are even mistaken for basic tenets of “the age old native Tradition”.

The technical term defining these prejudiced and ignorant paradigms is laukika sraddha or “popular belief”, devoid of factual value because it is opposed to shastra pramana, or authoritative scriptural foundation.

Many Hindus consider the Kamasutra an “obscene book”, and some even go as far as denying its respectability as a Vedic scripture.

Such self-defeating approach could have been justified in the times when embracing the chauvinistic views of the invaders was the only alternative to getting the entire temple, or the entire Hindu society, razed to the ground and burned into oblivion, or beheaded/ enslaved en masse.

Today Indians pride themselves of their national independence and their golden Vedic heritage, therefore there should be no external hindrance in actually re-discovering and re-establishing the Vedic view in all its former glory.

A human being, and most notably a civilized human being (defined in Sanskrit as arya) is expected to rise above the merely instinctive level and acquire material and spiritual knowledge, by which complete success can be achieved because the meaning and purpose of life is fully understood and appreciated.

This is why the Vedic gurukula system starts the theoretical and practical education and training of children with the scientific study of dharma, followed by artha, kama and moksha, each used as an instrument for the individual evolution and the progress of society.people will instinctively try to obtain sense gratification through food and sex, but if they do not know how life works, they will inevitably face health problems (both physically and mentally) and difficulties in personal relationships, and the pleasures they attain will be limited and ineffective.

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