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Most Recent Update 1/11/2015 The new 14 acre lands represent the largest single land expansion ever and will be themed to a “remote port, one of the last stops before wild space.” Uniquely, “every store and restaurant will be operated by local inhabitants making the experience deeply immersive.

Nothing in the land will be out of character or stray from mythology.” Two new attractions were announced.

This experience will be filled with exhibits that provide behind the scenes looks with props and the latest versions of the new Star Wars video games.

There will also be a collection of new meet and greets with Star Wars characters inside of the Launch Bay.

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Once it comes, I have to download the newest version of this and continue where I left off. I hope you guys are understanding and I will try to get this up ASAP!!! It will be like ender golf (I requested to take parts of the ender golf map, no reply yet). Started working on Toon Hall (I know Slappy is the mayor in TTRW, but I will respect classic Toontown and use Flippy).-Removed snow in the Brrrgh, as it messed with the snow hill where the pole is. Im not an expert, just a guy who knows some redstone. Please respond ASAPLike I said, I would love to make this a server, but I would like it to wait for it to be a little more complete so people won't hate it.One will allow guests to “take the controls of one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.” See the full presentation from the Disney Parks Presentation by Disney Parks Presentation Bob Chapek and Head of the Star Wars Creative Portfolio, Scott Trowbridge.Later that day more information was provided and pictures were allowed at the Disney Parks Presentation.After last years fantastic job, the Toon Council was practically begging me to come back for Christmas decorations.Granted, they'd take anything Each and every year, Toons all around Toontown come together to spread joy by celebrating the Winter Holiday. I wired up a little something to give my estate a little extra flair this Posted by The TTR Team on November 25, 2017 at AM The Toontown Rewritten Team has been massively growing over the past year, and now we're looking to expand even more.

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