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The tall, rangy bushes with stiffer branches (such as 'Charles de Mills', 'Ispahan', 'Gloire de France', 'Cardinal de Richelieu' and 'Camayeux') are twirled up a frame of four chestnut or hazel poles.

Every pruned tip is bent and attached to a length below.

Depending on their habit, shrub roses are trained in one of three ways.Rosa x centifolia 'Cristata') and those that produce branches too stiff to bend ('Felicia' and the newish David Austin rose, 'William Shakespeare 2000').These are pruned hard, then each bush is attached to a single stake, cut to about the height of the pruned bush and attached by twine.Reader offer Rosa 'Cardinal de Richelieu'is a cultivar of the celebrated gallica group.This vigorous, compact, shrubby rose has robust double, fragrant, deep burgundy/purple flowers.

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