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The answer is somewhat obvious but counter-intuitive- let him have some space.Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your guy has the space he needs while you are still managing your own vulnerable feelings.The love they have for each other is so refreshing.They prioritize and value each other and are committed to making their relationships work.They no longer see themselves as partners but instead feel they're in a power struggle.Couples conflict often revolves around the issues of sex and intimacy, money and security and childrearing.Rest assured: it is okay to express your feelings because keeping him shouldn’t feel like a game. You can either deepen your connection with him or drive him further away.

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Rather, it has more to do with the fear of addressing conflict as well as a lack of essential skills and knowledge required to build a healthy relationship.They can talk with each other for hours about things they've never shared with another.They feel heard, valued and understood; they've finally met their "soul mate."Those in-love feelings allow them to lower their guard, and they're tolerant and flexible with the foibles of their mate.This includes understanding the nature and dynamics of love."When couples commit to addressing the conflict that has kept them feeling alone — and decide to work through the hurt, anger, fear and resentment — they can transition into the next decade with a renewed commitment, greater appreciation and love for their partner.You feel like it is finally happening: you have met the man of your dreams. And so the cycle begins- distance, hurt feelings, questions, tears, distance.

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