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“I also know that when I’m dressed well I have more confidence, which is just an added bonus!

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If a girl likes you, she probably spends a lot of time thinking about you or talking to her friends about you. Just make she doesn’t just have a habit of saying everyone’s names often before you stock up on flowers.

The best way to tell if a girl likes you is to compare how she treats other guys with how she treats you. You may even be thinking how confusing girls can be.

If you’re hanging out with her and your guy friends, notice who she pays the most attention to. But to be honest, girls are not as complicated as you think. …In the non-creepy way I hope…but for real if a girl likes you, she always keeps up with what you do.

All that time results in your name being on the tip of her tongue. We’re all guilty of constantly being attached to our phones.

“[If a girl likes you] she says your name a lot when she talks to you. We may not put them away even when we’re hanging out with our best friends, but we do when we’re hanging out with someone we like.

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