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Andy didn’t have a relationship other than his marriage when we spoke, but he welcomed the idea of another partner entering his life.Andy and Connor are metamours, the partners of one’s partner, and are not bound to one another. There are so many configurations within the lifestyle that some proponents label it “poly geometry.” For example, a man is married to his wife.Connor and Megan have been dating for about a year.They’re in a happy-go-lucky, easygoing relationship in which they go out on dates to art museums and maybe even spend the night together.Others don’t do any of those things; take what you know about relationships and throw it in a blender.It’s a lovers’ Rubik’s cube, the shifting parts interlocked yet ever-changing, except there’s no predefined perfect combination.They’ve known each other 15 years, have been married for 10 years, and love their child.

They would still be friends even if Megan wasn’t around.

From the perspective of the traffic cruising down High Street in Clintonville, the building that houses the Columbus Insight Center appears to be nothing more than generic commercial space, indistinguishable from an orthodontist’s office or a small real-estate firm.

But inside the unassuming brick building, Poly Columbus has become the epicenter of the local polyamorous community.

The potential for ethical rebuke swirls around the community and could be the barrier preventing the credibility that some proponents want.

Similar to the LGBT movement, poly people are reticent to live openly—even to family members—afraid that the common perception will affect their daily lives.

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