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'•'-■ The Jerome teucjiorn In the gallery leaned forward Intently, hoping tn catch some note of bucking down i on the part (If ' the Governor, . DON Samuel«nn »ixm« before a Joint aeaalon o Mhe Idaho . il from, the IIOOm oallory untl clapped politely when the novorn Or"' tlnlohed Ma hal Miour talk. he asks you why, you may use my name and : Tnjmo~my Tidvlcff,^ Mrs. I Just don't know which way to turn, I had been In Viet Nam for — 6-months-whcn— I-lwir-rfiy-eye' sight In nn explosion. Refore-I joined the marines we were getting pretty serious, nnd I -told myself that If I enmc homo I would nsk her to mnrry mo. Abby, I would n't want her to mnrry me out of pity. SBI0 (State Affairs) — Trans- 1 ferrlng from caplial outlay to 1 category of payment as agent, ,000 appropriated: to Winer Resource— Hoard. however, the spcclnl wild enrd .first-round choice— which will Rive them the No.

I hope 'this session will be speedy and productive. did not want to he Identified, " See LEGISLATURE, V 2, C (I 11C1II IDAHO GOV. Vocal duets wero sung by Dcbra Smith and Elaine How- ard, Peggy Searle and Dobra Mnbey, Elton Hatch and Orval Itnsmussen. 1 cup finely diced apples toaspoon vnnllla 2 cups sifted flour toaspoon sit — l ; tenspoon-bnklng-|xwd8r— * - , 1 toaspoon soda y A cup pecans Vi cup sour milk or buttermilk Cream shortening and sugar. Sift dry Ingredients together And add al- ternately with milk. recipe becomes, tho properly of tho Times-News and cannot bo relumed.) So-Journey Club memlwrs will i VSJ'wo^dhurv and Pamela W And when he calls you, tell him not to call nny- .mnre, And II. Nelson was hos- tess when the Goodwill Club met recently' for jts_ Jnnunry meet- ing. Moris, a leprologlst, was responsible for planning ,nnd di- recting n lcpro-siirium in central Tanzania^ BY: You DEAR ABBY: You are my Inst and final resort. I still love her very and jfie snys she still loves me, but now can I' bo sure she Isn't just saying— it-bocnuse-flhe-doofln't want to me? -Tho, last time I went along with 'lite nuxl meeting In t-ci). SBO (Stnte Affairs) — Autbor- Izing payment of sa laries to stu'ie employe* bl-Wc Vly T^Iti^ st,ead of monthly. draft choices for hotiri OCH nnd r 10(10 to Ret Cuozzo, Minnesota retnlned.

\ , The Callfocidn case Involved an neronnutlcnl engineer, stop- ped nonr bis home nt-2: H0 n.m, nnd nsked for Identification. The Department of Justice nnd the District Attorneys Assn. There were f M»5 snt% Indictments, and 40R persons pleaded guilty or no contest. HOW TO WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED WANT AD 1— IT'S ALWAYS ■JIUKT tn Hart your ndvortl Himunt with the nnme nf tho article or service you havb to offer. —PLACE VOURSIXF tn the rendor'i pnaltlon nnd nak , ynuriolf wluit ynu would liim lo know lalioiit your "tfnrj.

He says I should tnko cortisone for tho rest of life. i""A=I*orlarterltli (or polyarter- Ills) nodosa may affect fhe smaller nrlcrlos anywhere In the body, Sometimes tho disease clears up spontaneously after several years, One of the cor- tlsonclikc drugs is - the only treatment that offers tho victim l _ il_ pus. Backing Is Clifford's Job — preme; — Court — derisions; — even- in nn election year, can be In- — fhieneed-hv— politics; ■ But I fully believe thnt these men have the intelligence to In- terpret our crime, epidemic for what It is: the result of a do- cade of court decisions favor- ing lawbreakers, restraining law- men, until we've hnd n virtual open season on crime. The Supreme Court could, wjlh these deci- sions, erase those state laws. Co., ■ presented tl)o pro- gram concerning purch asin g - of - trnrn^sntarm TTrrts nnd Demonstration s Presented their enro nt n recent mooting of members of tho West Hunt Women's Club. Wnlkcr also gnve menv lierfi printed Instructions for r,owjng-thla^pojf^inierial Tho new printed programs' for 13C8— wero distributed. Foreign Aid Funds Face abl Ml-fbe government lo br/fak up sizable gambling operations An Internal Revenue Service official said that of 2,015 tax fraud cases the government brought last ^ear^DO were at- tributable directly to the finnl bllng tmc registration re- quirement. Rendora reipnnd mora i|ulckly and favorably when glvon cnmplote or dcf. of the Very moat Important napuu U of any advertisement Ii to Includi) tho price, 1— MAKIi IT ll ASY for "tlia r If ynu iin not h,nva Fcgulnr liotiw. Play aale— a aaven-dny order ' la boat and coal* loaal There, nru ulio very ipuclnl monthly nilt* fur tboau who urn do- - nf kocphiu- tltolr mi ml offorlna boforo tliu pu 1 nvnry day. You can amp your In too uvont of roaulii, 1'tlion you pay only for tho yi It la publlihed.

Ife- roinr, wenrlng -orange cards with hhiclc lettering of 'Me- mine," filed Into the gallery Just niter lite session got started." , They watched through -the momlngi hours and heard Gov. Sum-, nelson, in n short manner, opelk ed out What he thought should ■be dnne ut this meeting. "They wnntod tho red and blue lines to show up well for the hockey matches. Hlckok diamond- or of tlio United' ituptu JRnclnff L ntuddod, Rold-hucktod boft worth ARiocfnljoii and tlio National nn estimated ,000 nt the nn- stoeplocliago nnd Hunt Aukocla- nual Rochestor Prbns-Radlo Hon wns nnnnuncod Mondny. S A 4 Aucllonaam Watt, Elian, Wall and Mauarimlth FEB.

The governor's speech was the ' highlight of the liiorulni^. the only business ac- complished in cither the House or the- "Senate. We hope we can help Uio— si tun tluii-by— placing— Uflhls on tlio Hide instead of using overhead." MERGES NEW YORK.(AP) — A! -Euaf Y_itad— ln_ this — Famu "Calindar for 10 dav»" bafot* -^IIMaglc-Valle T — Sales Usled Here JAN. 30 & 30 Aucl Janaani Wait, nllri, Wall and Mail.nmllh FEB. JO I 31 Aucllanaam Wart, Elian, Woll and Manarimllh FED. 1 * 3 Auitlonaani Wart, Elian, Wall and Mauarimlth FEB. Club dinner, Tim now nrou'p will bo called ^lf By^ft Wnrtr--i^-prw memory— of-S.

The improvements are rppi I- id tn prepare the park for -the Iflf.t) National floy^Scnut Round- up, "when npproximiitcly 50,000 youths are expected ' to" visli Wnrlh Idaho. Of thai , fkl O would come from mime; loft over ft*om the appropriation for the World Scout Jamboree Inst summer lit Fnrrnfiiit. Poult on, the latter mnking tho formal presentation. Incrcnsc-f Rature of the proponed 1008 budget;, boost-' ed the total .,305 and, amount 0d_4o^li Ceii^Ul U^f^h! USED FURNITURE I Household Appliances Buy - Sail* -Trade - Repair CAMERA CENTER HAIL OP MUSIC and Appliances ruiniriuilarn^f Wfiita^irn^ yen Hts-appl|c«tlon-ln-minor-of- ■ fenscs. "It would bo difficult to em- phasize how Important this first tho future development, of the Saints," said Bert Rose, Rcnernl manager of tlio team. (AP) - Carl Ynstrzomqkl , th e Ame rican len cue's 'Triple'" Crown wfin W nnd Most Valuable Plnyor, wn« namod- Monday wlnnor of the Hlckok Pro Atlilete of the Yonr Award. Vann opuned the second bnlf with two quick points nnd . Enfjlbi will play host to lho' Cnllufie of Idaho Friday ni Rht.

Well, then, we nt Fidelity Nntlonnl , Hank nre pld -fashioned. "Let's ' remember It's Ki l

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