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"And don't be put off by memories of school trips from years past.

Facilities have been upgraded and the new museum is excellent.

ISBN 978-1-920143-91-6 For 16 years a brutal struggle was fought in the former Portuguese colony between the forces of Front for the Liberation of Mozambique known by its Portuguese acronym FRELIMO and those of the Mozambican National Resistance, more popularly known by the acronym RENAMO.

Whilst clearly a national struggle, it also brought in regional players like Rhodesia and South Africa and even Tanzania and Zambia-all of whom had a vested interest in the outcome of this struggle for supremacy.

The site itself consists of a large number of caves, the most important of which are Sterkfontein, Swartkrans, and Kromdraai.

Like a number of other archaeo-logically important cave sites-such as Britain's Creswell Crags with its Ice-Age petroglyphs and a variety of painted caves in France and Spain (including several manmade replicas)- many of the numerous caves in The Cradle are open to the public.1 While some can be visited on regularly scheduled guided tours, others require prior arrangements through one of the specially licensed tour-group operators in the area.

I have visited Sterkfontein several times and it never gets old." Journal of Speleon History Jan/Feb 2009 Among the most famous archaeological sites in the world are the many fossil-bearing dolomite caves of South Africa.

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While the scenery may look barren at first glance, the Cradle of Humankind is one of the richest sources of hominid fossils in Africa. September 2009 Western Gauteng's Cradle of Humankind, or 'place where we once lived' in Setswana, is a complex network of dolomitic limestone caves where at least 40 different fossil sites have been discovered.Only 13 of there are currently being excavated, yet fossil giants such as Taung Child, Mrs.Material is also provided about the numerous other visitor attractions in the region, including contact information, detailed driving directions and road maps, details of room and board, options for area dining, and information about local flora and fauna.A visit to The Cradle of Humankind or to any of the painted caves of Europe is nothing short of a journey of self-discovery, helping travelers to uncover the deepest origins of the human species.

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