Patrick dating selena li

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She was said to stick to Benjamin throughout the day, and asked him for photography advice.

When she saw Benjamin enjoyed playing with kids, she also played together with the kids to display a good image.

However, Phil reportedly requested Myolie to quit the showbiz after marriage. After the media ran a check on her boyfriend’s car registration number, he was identified as Christopher Hodgson Poon, a board director of the Hong Kong Underwater Association and the Committee Chairman of its Marine Scientific Committee.He reportedly lives in the Mid-levels, a prestigious residential area in Central.Phil also took the opportunity to introduce his friends to Myolie and the couple took a group photo together with friends. After the wedding dinner, the couple headed back to their hotel to get changed before going to a nightclub.Myolie and Phil were seen holding hands, and Phil also wrapped his arms around Myolie’s waist.

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