Updating android browser

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As a result, through its entire development lifecycle, Android has been subject to a rigorous security program. Android applications use advanced hardware and software, as well as local and served data, exposed through the platform to bring innovation and value to consumers.

To realize that value, the platform offers an application environment that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of users, data, applications, the device, and the network.

The Android security team looks for potential vulnerabilities in apps and suggests ways to fix those issues.

For devices with Google Play, Play Services delivers security updates for critical software libraries, such as Open SSL, which is used to secure application communications.

Developers less familiar with security will be protected by safe defaults.

In addition to providing a stable platform to build upon, Android gives additional support to developers in a number of ways.

This design includes the expectation that attackers would attempt to perform common attacks, such as social engineering attacks to convince device users to install malware, and attacks on third-party applications on Android.

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At launch, Motorola advertised Android N and O updates for the Moto G4 line, but to the shock of many G4 owners, none of these phones were listed in the company's official Oreo update list.Android incorporates industry-leading security features and works with developers and device implementers to keep the Android platform and ecosystem safe.A robust security model is essential to enable a vigorous ecosystem of applications and devices built on and around the Android platform and supported by cloud services.With the exception of a small amount of Android OS code running as root, all code above the Linux Kernel is restricted by the Application Sandbox. While these services are not part of the Android Open Source Project, they are included on many Android devices.For more information on some of these services, see Android Security’s 2016 Year in Review.

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