Middle aged dating charmaine

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"I was a bit frightened, a bit shocked actually," she sniffs, "and I didn't think there were many things that could shock me after working as a glamour model for 11 years." Although she wanted to break into TV, she discovered in LA that there are just some things she is not prepared to do to get there.

"I'm actually turning into a bit of a prude as I get older," she giggles.

Over here a history in hardcore is likely to keep you out of mainstream television; in LA it winds you up in Baywatch.

Sinclair spends much of the documentary looking scandalised by all the goings on; American hardcore, one feels, is not likely to be her next career move.

Then somebody came along and said I could be paid this certain amount to do a hardcore film.

They made it look and seem and feel to me that everybody was doing it, there was nothing wrong with it and that that was the way to get the money.

She is proud to have proved that you don't have to be blonde to make a big name for yourself - not as any kind of race representative (there was no politics involved in her career decisions, she says, she doesn't think that way), but proud in her dogged determination and ambition, the feeling that nothing should hold her back, that she could make it by herself.

As one of this country's top glamour models, she must be used to facing such Arctic conditions with nothing but her pout to keep her company.

While this girl can smoulder for Britain, there are some things even the smoulder of Charmaine Sinclair can't warm up.

At school I had a lot of hassle because of my colour and got called names and stuff; the other girls were all blonde and blue-eyed and the boys used to chase them, so my way of fitting in was to become one of the boys and play football.

I think that was why I was always so insecure about the way I looked - because I was always so different from everybody else, and I didn't think that anybody would actually like me." When Sinclair was approached to do glamour work it was the first time she felt she had been treated as a woman, not simply the odd one out. I fell for it hook, line and sinker, really." Although she says she will never regret getting into the industry, there was much that Sinclair admits she wishes she hadn't done in that early period, not least the hardcore work which she now feels is stopping her move into a more respectable career.

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