Internal etiquette rules for clients of the

Budsaba Thai Massage



   Dear Customers! We are glad that you have chosen our salon! We value your time, respect your opinion of our work and are proud of your trust.

   In order that the stay in our salon brings you the maximum pleasure, please read the rules of etiquette of our salon:


- Working hours of the Budsaba salon from 10:00 to 22:00 without weekends and lunch break.


- Reservation of time for passing of procedures occurs directly from the administrators of the salon, or by appointment by phone contact of the salon: 096-288-99-88, 095-656-99-88, 093-487-99-88 ( Viber, whatsapp )

or by e-mail :[email protected] When pre-recording, you can select the wizard. Your preferences on this matter should be indicated to the salon administrator when booking time.


- The salon administration shows the utmost respect for you and takes care of your timely visit for the upcoming procedure. To do this, on the eve of the visit in the evening hours or directly on the day of the visit in the morning, the salon administrators confirm your visit by making a phone call to the contact number you left.


- In case it is impossible for some reasons of your answer to our call, the Salon administration asks you to call back the salon administrators to confirm your entry and visit.


- If for some reason you are unable to visit our salon in the booked time, the salon administration requests to cancel or change the time of your visit directly on the day of the procedure not less than 3 hours, and the preliminary appointment not less than 24 hours.


- In case of repeated and untimely cancellations of the booked time for services, the Salon administration reserves the right to refuse the advance reservation of services.


- We ask you to come to the procedures in a timely manner.

If it is more convenient for you to come to the salon in advance (in 10-20 minutes), we will suggest you to spend this time with a cup of tea and to get acquainted with cosmetic products and actions of the salon.

If, on the contrary, you are delayed by cases for more than 15 minutes, the Salon administration asks you to understand the fact that the procedure cannot be rendered to you in full.


- In our salon you can get advice from specialists on issues related to your condition and further procedures.


- If you are a participant of the salon or other bonus card, which gives the right to discounts, we ask you to bring this information to the administrators in advance, during the service registration and just before the procedure. To receive bonuses / discounts, you need to present a discount card or other documents confirming your participation in the promotion or the right to receive bonuses / discounts.


- Payment for the service in the salon should be made before the procedures, cash and cashless payment. If for some reason you did not like the massage or did not come, tell the administrator within the first 15 minutes of the massage, and the administrator will issue you a monetary refund. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the fact that gift certificates, season tickets and special massages are not subject to monetary refund, and they also have restrictions on the number of services per day.


- Massage and SPA procedures are not recommended for: oncology, asthma, varicose veins, during acute forms of diseases, recent traumas and surgeries, pregnancy, skin diseases, heart disease, prostheses, blood pressure disorders. Important information about your health, be sure to inform the Administration before the procedure.


- In order to maintain a comfortable environment during the procedure, no loud calls are encouraged and the use of mobile phones is not recommended; if this is not possible, please place a call on your mobile in silent mode.


- All aspects that accompany your procedure can be changed at your request: light, music (or lack thereof), room temperature.


- The master will be grateful to you if you let him know about your feelings, thoughts about the procedure. If you are not satisfied with something, you are experiencing discomfort, tell him about it.


- Be honest with the wizard and the administrator, as they really want to know if you have got what you expected.


- Delicately share the total space of our salon with other Clients.


- Smoking in our salon is strictly forbidden.


- Customers who are intoxicated will not be allowed to provide salon services.


- "Tips", salaries to the masters of the salon remain at your personal discretion

- Our salon does not provide services of a sexual and erotic nature, in case of such an attempt, the master has the right to interrupt the procedure and refuse to continue it, the Salon Administration reserves the right to refuse to provide such services in the future. These actions are strictly regulated by Ukrainian legislation and involve a certain responsibility.



We hope for understanding and compliance with the rules of internal etiquette of the cabin. Have a nice rest!



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