Special Offers for May  :



Now only  one salon

 is open at  :

Kiev, st. Yaroslavov Val 11


Discount - 40%

 Aloe vera cream

massage with honey 60 minutes

(the promotion is valid from 01.05.21 to 31.05.21)


Special offer Spa Spring

discount - 30%

for all spa menus

(Special offer from 01.05.21 to 31.05.21)



Buy package with discount  - 30%

(From 5 massages lasting from 60 minutes

and validity period 6 months from

01.05.21 to 31.05.21)


Discount - 20% for purchase

cosmetic at the salon

(Special offer from 01.05.21 to 31.05.21)


25% discount  for gift certificates

(Certificates are valid for 6 months, the certificate can be used

only the next day after the purchase.

The client cannot use the gift certificate that he bought it myself )


Happy Time!

From 10.00 until 16.00 working days only!

Thai massage 60 min - 600 uah

Oil massage 60 min - 700 uah

Thai massage 60 min + Foot massage 30 min = 90 min - 850 uah

Oil massage 60 min + Foot massage 30 min = 90 min - 950 uah


Rules for visiting the salon during quarantine:


- If you get fever and feel the first symptoms of the disease such as: malaise, headache, weakness, pain in the joints or muscles, runny nose, sore throat, cough or other symptoms, please to stay at  home.

-Before the massage, we will definitely check the body temperature, also the client must be in a mask for all time stay in our salon.

- Clients are recorded with an interval of 15 minutes between each visitor, at this time we clean and  disinfect  the salon .

-At the same time  visits are allowed only for couple massages and no more than 2 people together.

- We draw your attention to the fact that temporarily  salon not provide next massages:

- face massage


Happy Birthday!

35 % discount for birthday.

Discount valid 7 days from birthday


Attention! Promotions and discounts can't add to each other!



Gold member card - discount 20%


VIP member card - discount 30%

Buy package of 10 massages - get 1 free



Also you can order our therapist to your home, office or hotel

With extra charge 50% on working days. Weekend and holidays

with extra charge 100%


All massage after 22.00, will charge double price


Please note!

We don't provide sexual and erotic service!

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